How to see and stop programs running in the background of my iPhone/iPad? Multitasking and the app switcher

You say that you love you iPhone and/or iPad, but the battery doesn't seem to last very long?
And you might be thinking, "I wonder if there's apps or programs running in the background that can be shut down."

How do you know if there's unwanted applications draining your battery power and slowing down your iPhone or iPad?

It's easy.

You're going to use a built-in function called the multitasking bar, (aka "app switcher)". You do not need to install another app to do this.
  • Activate your device (turn the power on, move the on-screen sliding switch if it's locked, and enter your password if necessary).
  • Click the home button twice quickly (the round physical button at the bottom of your phone or pad).
Whatever is on the screen should slide up.
One or more icons will be showing at the bottom of the screen now.
These are the programs that are currently running or are "running in the background."
  • Slide the buttons to the left, you may see lots more icons from programs that you've run in the recent (or distant) past.
  • Slide back all the way to the right, you will see volume and or brightness controls. (Reduce the brightness level to a lower, but tolerable level to save on some battery power if you like.)
So, you want* to close some of those background programs. To do so:
  • Press and hold one of the icons until they all start to jiggle around.
  • You will see a red circle with a minus sign over each program.
  • Tap on that red circle to close each unwanted program.
  • When you're done, tap the home button again to go back to normal operation of your iPhone or iPad.
* You may want to keep some of these programs running in the background so that they will check for notifications or incoming calls. The truth is, not all of these  programs are running and taking up battery power, memory and processing power. They may just be markers of recently used programs. And the app icons are listed left (for most recently used) to right (previously used).

There are other ways to improve your battery power. Try these from Apple.


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