What size / How big is my Canon camcorder lens / filter

I own a Canon HF M41 (same as M40 and M400) and I like it a lot, but the zoom in and zoom out never quite seem adequate. I can never get as wide an image as I would like.

These types of shots can be improved with lenses that are screwed onto the front of the video camera.
But what size lens should you get?

Find your camcorder manual, and look for these words:
  • Lens
  • Converter
  • Filter diameter
  • mm
For the HF M41 Vixia/Legeria manual, I found on page 195, I found:
  • Filter Diameter: 43 mm.
Another clue to the size of your lens filters might be the name of the official accessories. For example:
Note the number "43" attached to the name, however, Canon's website is lax in that it doesn't state this specifically where it obviously should.

Comparison of wide angle lenses

I checked out a bunch of sites and video reviews for this post. They had good points about comparing cheap lenses to mid-range and expensive ones.

  • The cheap ones had several issues. 
  • Blurriness around the edges.
  • Vignetting (dark, circular shadows around the edge)
  • Visible edges of the lens in the corners
  • Bluriness when zooming in and out.
  • Unwanted fish-eye distortion.

Specifically, for my Canon HF M41, I'm looking at the company's own WD-H43 ($200+) or the Raynox 6600 (< $100). I could get a whole kit for $30 or $40 but we all know, you get what you pay for. So, I'd rather put the money toward a lens I'm going to actually use rather than on another cheapo gadget to experiment with.

The WD-H43 gets good reviews (especially for zoom), though users say it is large, heavy and expensive.
The best alternative that I've read about is the the Raynox 6600 which comes in different sizes. I'm not sure why, but some people say they have bought the 52 mm lens with a 43 mm converter instead of the 43 mm lens. I would guess that the 43 mm lens is best, but I haven't bought one yet to know. Perhaps the 52 mm lense fits other gear, too?
FYI -- Looking at video comparisons of the Raynox vs. the Canon WD-H43, I would say that the latter (more expensive lens) has better zoom quality, but the Raynox has less distortion when zoomed out, is less expensive, and weighs less, too.


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