Google Cloud, Day 1: I Learns about Cloud Services

I wanted to see if Google had a database service yet.

They do. It's part of something called Google Cloud.

I know what Google is.

What's the Cloud?
As far as I know, it's a bunch of internet-connected computers that provide data storage and various services on servers for a cost.

Let's watch this:

Notes on his lecture:
  • He's saying that in the olden days (my time), servers were reliant upon the hardware, OS and whatever else came below it. With cloud computing (aka virtualization) there is ability to stop worrying so much about failures of those lower systems. He's saying applications can "migrate" as need be and are being thought of as being separate from the hardware & OS. 
  • Web applications, he says, are the simplest form of cloud computing: Using a web browser to access remotely-hosted applications that were built using standards, like HTML, Javascript, PHP. 
  • He describes clustering as replication of data & functions on different computers, and then breaking up the visitor traffic to different computers for load balancing. Failure of one computer does not lead to total failure or loss of functionality and data.
 Oh, geez, another hour to go on this video ....

Okay, moving on.

Google Cloud is part of Google's Developer Console.

You need to [Create Project]

There basically exists 3 areas of Google Cloud:

  • Computing
  • Storage
  • Services

All I'm trying to do is see if Google can host a database, and I can make SQL queries to it.

This is found under

Ugh, not so simple. Yes, Google does this, but they emphasize that they have an all-new way of dealing with database storage. The latter is called Cloud Datastore.

BUT, since people from the olden days (like me) are unprepared to learn about the new "paradigm," they've provided an olden day service. It is called Cloud SQL.

This is basically a MySQL database server set up on a Google computer somewhere.
Okay, I like the sounds of that. I can use that. But I don't really know how it is used, yet.
I just want to test it out.

I'm following along with this introductory tutorial.
Hmm, there's a small cost associated with setting this up.
I have to set up a new billing account with Google Developer.

All right, I got  to the part where you connect to the new MySQL database.
I have MySQL Workbench installed from a class I just took, so I use that to connect to the new static IP that I was just given.
It works fine.

Now he says I need to use PHP to connect to the Database.
He says he has already set up a PHP server on Google's Compute Engine > VM instances.

Hmm, it says it's going to charge me for something else. Not to please with this test now.

Anyway, it says I need to retrieve this SSH connection code.

And enter this command:
gcutil --service_version="v1" --project="jduycom" ssh --zone="us-central1-a" "phpdemo"

I try Windows terminal. No.
I try Putty. No.

What is gculti?
Apparently, I need to install gcutil, which is Google Cloud utilities.

Somewhere on there it says I need to download and install Cygwin and make it the 32-bit version.

Run this code:
curl https://dl.google.com/dl/cloudsdk/release/install_google_cloud_sdk.bash | bash

It doesn't know what bash is?
Oh, no. It doesn't know what curl is.
Go back to installer and find curl. Figure out how to update the install.
Run the command again.
Seems to work, but...

It says I need Python.

Still doesn't work.

How about this ... I use Filezilla to upload their PHP code to my own darn web server?


Now what?
Cancel the VM Service, yes.

Go do some real work, or take a nap.


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