Fix the sidebar column width in Blogger

You may be using a template in Blogger that has a "sidebar" (or "side bar") on the right, and that vertical column of "gadgets" has a fixed column.

One of these gadgets is Google AdSense, in the hopes that kind visitors will click on the ads (hint, hint) to generate revenue for your site.

The standard Big Box ad is 300 px width by 250 px height.

This is typically too wide for the side bar and part of the ad will spill over on the right side, or maybe it will be clipped off. Looks like crap, right?

To fix this, you need to change the template:

This takes you to the Overview page.
There is a menu on the left side.
  • Click on "Template."
  • Under "Live on Blog" hit [Customize].
  • At the top left menu, click "Adjust widths."
There will probably be two bars. One is for the width of the entire bar. The shorter one is for the side bar.
  • Adjust the "Right sidebar" slider so that it says: [330] px.
  • Hit the [Apply to Blog] button in the top right.
That's it. Go back to you blog and have a look.

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