Fix a Windows Local area/Ethernet cable connection error "Unidentified Network - No Internet Access"

Maybe you have a connection problem with your ethernet network cable connection, while your wireless connection seems okay?

Perhaps you see an error that says:
  • "Unidentified Network - No internet access"
You may have to enable "DHCP" on your network connection. 

To fix this problem you should go to the 
  • [Start] > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center
  • Click on "Troubleshoot Problems."
  • Click on "Network Adapter."
  • Click [Next].
  • [o] All Network Adapters
Then, if it says you do not have DHCP activated on the network connection, you should click to have Windows "Fix this problem."

Hopefully, that will solve the issue for you.

(Last used on Windows 7, Feb 2013).

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