iPhone: Why Am I Receiving Text Messages from My Other iPhone Account User? The iMessage Mixup.

So, you're sending text messages to your friends, and you find out your partner, parent or child is getting all the messages you're sending out. Maybe they told you. Maybe not.... Kind of an uncomfortable situation. That can be easily fixed.

Apple has a message sharing feature called iMessage (such a clever name, right?). It's confusing, but allows your Apple devices to share texting accounts.

If you and your partner/husband/wife/children share a single iTunes account, then this can cause problems where you will receive messages that another person sent, or vice versa. This can happen despite having different phone numbers.

Sometimes, after an iOS update maybe, your phone settings will change and you'll see a weird message saying your sharing information now from your other phone number or email. It's random and messed up.

So, what you need to do is:

  • Go to you iPhone [Settings] button.
  • Go the [Messages] section.

Here, you have a couple choices.

1. Turn off iMessage.


2. Keep iMessage on, and go down to the [Send and Receive] section.

This is where the problem with messages crossover occurs.
You may see that there are multiple phone number and/or multiple email addresses listed.
Each one may or may not have a check mark next to them.
One of them will be your phone's number.
And one will be the shared email account.
Others will be your other users's accounts

Uncheck everything but your own phone number, and maybe your own single email address.

That should put a stop to the messages going to your shared account phones. But, check it to make sure.

A similar odd occurrence may affect your FaceTime accounts. To fix that, you have to separately go to: [Settings] > [FaceTime] and scroll down to the area where you can uncheck the wrong accounts again.

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