TinyMCE pop-up window too small: Auto-resizes and collapses to annoying dimensions

For users of TinyMCE's Javascript-based text editor, there is one particular annoyance that happens with pop-up windows. Examples of pop-up windows are:

  • HTML Source Editor dialog
  • Insert Edit Link
  • Anchor
One thing you can try to do is to edit your tiny.MCE.init () function.

You can add or activate this line to your configuration:
  • plugins : "inlinepopups",
This makes the pop-up menus appear as a layer on top of the editor. This can be a pain though, if you are trying to access the text underneath of the layer.

Another thing you may want to do is to edit the file in the tiny_mce root folder called "tiny_mce_popup.js".

Be careful when you do this, though....

Search for the part which reads:

  • a.editor.windowManager.resizeBy(a.getWindowArg("mce_width")-b.w,a.getWindowArg("mce_height")-b.h,a.id||window)},0)
Change the values to read:
  • a.editor.windowManager.resizeBy(400,400)},0)
Hope that helps somewhat. If you update your TinyMCE installation by overwriting the existing files, you will have to edit this code again.

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