Connect Blogger Page to Google Webmasters Tools

If you want to delete a cached page from Google's search results or do some other specific operation with Google's Webmaster Tools, you'll need to connect your Blogger page with a meta tag.

To do this, first add your page to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Look down the list to make sure you (or Google) haven't already added your site.
  • If not, click the button in the top right that says [ADD A SITE].
  • Type in the URL of your site.
  • It should be added to your list of sites.
  • Click on Verify this site.
  • A page will show two types of options: 1) Upload a separate file. 2) Alternate methods.
  • Click on the [Alternate methods] tab.
  • There will be three options: 1) HTML tag, 2) Google Analytics, 3) Domain name provider.
  • Click on [ ] HTML tag. 
  • More info will pop up, and you need to copy the long meta tag that is in the box.
    (ex. <meta name="google-site-verification" content="6F8tVa..." />)
Now open Blogger in a new window.
  • Click on the Name of Your Blog.
  • In the left side menu, click [Template].
  • A thumbnail version of your site should appear.
  • There will be two options: 1) Customize, 2) Edit HTML.
  • Click on [Edit HTML].
  • It may take a moment to load....
  • You should see an textfield with you HTML code and line numbers running down the left side.
  • Around Line 4, there will be a <head> tag.
  • Add a blank line after that <head> tag by clicking behind it and hitting return on your keyboard.
  • Now, paste the <meta> tag that you copied earlier (see above).
  • Hit the button to [Save Template].
  • Hit the [Back] button, and if the change has been successful, there should be no warning message that your info has not been saved.
Flip back to the Webmaster Tools window.
  • Click on the [Verify] button for your blog. 
  • Hopefully, this will work. If it doesn't try again. 
  • Make sure the <meta> tag is complete, and that you're placing it right under the <head> tag. Anywhere else might not stay there.

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