PHPMyAdmin -- Upgraded to PHP 7, PHPMyAdmin Stopped Exporting

I'm Having a Problem with the export.php File

I don't know if this is a bug in PHPMyAdmin or not,
But one line in the export.php where it says "end of fake loop", there is a break, that has a double exit, however, the program is crashing at this point.
I changed it from "break 2" to "break" and it is working again.

 // now export the triggers (needs to be done after the data because
        // triggers can modify already imported tables)
        if ($GLOBALS[$what . '_structure_or_data'] == 'structure'
            || $GLOBALS[$what . '_structure_or_data'] == 'structure_and_data'
        ) {

            if (! $export_plugin->exportStructure(
                $db, $table, $crlf, $err_url,
                'triggers', $export_type,
                $do_relation, $do_comments, $do_mime, $do_dates
            )) {
                break 2;


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