iPhone Video has No / Low Audio

We have an iPhone 4, and for months there has been no audio with the video. I just tested it again, and the audio is there, but it is very faint.

The solution is quite easy.

  • Look at the top of your phone.
There is a headphone jack on the left side.
Right next to that jack is a small hole.
That hole is the microphone used for video.

Problem #1 -- Hole is Covered
  • If that hole is covered by a protective skin, remove the skin.
  • Try recording without the skin.
Problem #2 -- Dirt in Hole
  • Get a thin pin or needle.
  • Use the pin to clean dust or dirt out of that little microphone hole (but don't push far into the hole or you may damage the microphone).
  • Blow into the hole with a puff or two.
  • Test a recording of your video again.
Worked like a charm for us.