Comparison of WordPress and MovableType

Which blog sofware package is better?

Here's a few notes of mine, as I'm trying to decide which package to go with for a CMS / Blog system comparing primarily MovableType 4.3 vs WordPress 2.9:

WordPress is free.
MovableType can cost hundreds of dollars for 5 users, plus upgrades.

Multiple Blogs?
MovableType allows for multiple blogs.
WordPress is for one blog.

User control?
MovableType is better. You can assign user permissions on both systems that give varying levels of access to administrative functions. However, MovableType allows you to restrict user access to different blogs. Whereas, WordPress is one blog and users of the same level will have equal access to all areas of the site -- a Sports Category writer would have access to posts in the Arts Category.

Separation of sections?
MovableType is better. Each section can be set up to be a separate blog. So, Sports has a blog with it's own categories. Arts has a blog with it's own categories. With WordPress, you have one blog with categories that can have more sub categories.

Flexibility of design?
MovableType allows each blog to have it's own template. WordPress has one template for the one blog. All of the top and side content will look the same. For non-designers, both have pre-made templates, but WordPress seems to have lots more designs available.

Programming language?
WordPress is written in PHP (considered by most to be a more "modern" language for web projects). MovableType is written in PERL (which has been in use since the early days of the web, but has lost a lot of its development base since PHP became a more popular standard).

Expansion / Plug-Ins?
WordPress has plug-ins that add lots of functionality. MovableType also has plug-ins, but the number and variety are not as great. Many of WordPress' shortcomings are covered by plug-ins, however, as WordPress is upgraded, many of those plug-ins can and have stopped working.

I tend to think WordPress is faster.

Template manipulation?
WordPress seems to have better template control. MovableType has a lot of flipping back and forth and can get confusing easily.

Ease of learning?
Neither one is perfect in its execution. A lot of options are too hard to find. MovableType is clearly trying to catch up to WordPress by making it's latest interface (vers 5) resemble that of WordPress. WordPress had a better WYSIWYG editor, but it looks like MovableType 5 may have started using the same Javascripts (called TinyMCE).

Why pick WordPress?
WordPress is more popular. WordPress has more momentum and a larger user base. WordPress uses PHP. WordPress is Free. WordPress is easier to understand for simple bloggers.

Why pick MovableType?
MovableType opens with the ability to separate blogs. Each blog can have it's own look. MovableType has better user control.

Anything Else?
WordPress also has a 2nd related software package called "WordPress MU" which allows for multiple separate blogs. I found it difficult to understand. MovableType is up to version 5, and I have not tried out that version yet. There is also a free Open Source version of MovableType. WordPress.com is a website that uses WordPress MU to host free blogs.

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