Why I am doing 23andme Genetic Sequencing & Testing

Okay, I'm totally paranoid about this. But actually more curious than anything. So, here goes....

23andme is a company that does genetic sequencing. For $99, they will do an Ancestry analysis. Or for $199, they will also do a Wellness and Traits analysis.

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Why do I want to hand my DNA over to some database?

I don't like the idea of it all that much, but I've got a good reason.

I'm seriously wondering if I have a specific health condition that there are genetic markers for. Now, 23andme is prohibited by US Law from making claims or performing services related to broad health claims. So, they stick to the Ancestry and Wellness mostly.

However, the brilliant thing that they do -- and they should do, too -- is that they provide a download link for "Raw Data." They do make you agree to a sweeping statement that says the info they provide, while tested, is not considered accurate or useful for health analysis.

So, yeah.

Why not get this done by a doctor or lab?

I could get the test done by my doctor -- but he's difficult. I could pay $140 and get a definitive answer from LabCorp. But then I'd only be getting info about that one thing.

For less money, I get "Raw Data" about much of my genome, which sounds really interesting to me.

You might say, "Well, they can't possibly give you your entire genetic sequencing -- that'd be huge." And for now, that's correct. They seem to do a sample of genes known for one reason or another.

And you might say, "So, what do you do with the data. It's just data. It's not meaningful information unless you know what you're looking at." And you'd be correct again.

So, there's another separate service called Promethease.com. And at Promethease, you can upload your "Raw Data" and then fiddle with a lot of switches and knobs, and then the site will match your genetic markers to a database of known variants (or something like that).

You might ask, "Is there any other services like this that might be free or less money?" I don't know for sure. 23andme came up in conversation -- I'm old. I have little to lose (today) by doing this (I hope).

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