Google Chrome: Cannot Find Missing Apps button on Browser Toolbar

Where is the Apps icon / button / link on my Chrome browser?

Google's Chrome browser has the ability to add on apps.

The apps are added in the Google Chrome web store.

Usually, there is a colorful square button on some part of the browser window. This serves as a short cut to your installed apps. 

However, you may have lost this button at some point, perhaps you lost your bookmarks, or there was some confusion that happened when you logged into your Chrome browser account on different computers.

How to restore the chrome apps button:

  • You need to add a new bookmark onto  your browser bookmarks bar
  • To show the bookmarks bar, click on the menu button in the top right corner (looks like three horizontal lines.)

Next, click on Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks bar

Once you have the bar showing:

  • Right-click on the bookmarks bar in an empty spot.
  • Choose "Add Page"
  • An "Edit Bookmark" menu will appear.
  • There are two spaces for Name and Url:
  • Set Name to "Apps"
  • Set URL to "chrome://apps
  • Make sure the folder selected is "Bookmarks bar"
  • Save it.
You may need to look for your new link. If so, it will be the last one on the list. Hit the ">>" button on the far right. Find your new "Apps" button and drag it till it is somewhere convenient on your Bookmarks bar.


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