Acer Web Cam / Orbicam Update

Where can I find the latest Orbicam / Bison Web Camera software for my Acer?

I bought a laptop from Circuit City for college. An Aspire notebook that broke down several times. Thankfully, I had invested in an extended Acer Warranty.

But when I got it back this last time, they had removed my hard drive and replaced with a completely new installation of their customized Windows Vista.

When I tried to use the built-in web cam (a/k/a Acer Orbicam) it would function, but the picture was overexposed. So, I went to the Acer website, found my model, and downloaded the Bison driver and software (version, size 9.3 MB, 2008/12/02). A familiar-looking interface was included in the ZIP, but there were virtually no settings I could change for the camera other than adjusting the size of the image. I remembered downloading an update at some point in the past, but that probably disappeared with my hard drive.

I guess Acer used three different camera models for the same model laptop -- Bison, Logitech, Suyin. But after downloading and trying out the latter two as well, it became obvious that I did indeed own the Bison model. Acer must have changed it's site and removed the later update.

After scouring the internet for answers and coming up with several questionable sources, I decided that this is the best option:

Try this Google Search:
site:acer.com bison driver
Doing so, I came up with a newer driver version (version 7.96.701.12, size 9.8 MB, date 2008/12/03). No guarantee, but this is the exact page where I got the newer driver:
 It is not the greatest software, but at least you can change the brightness and other settings.

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